Our Infrastructure

Dalsat Teleport

Dalsat offers a wide range of teleport services covering Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Located in secure location in Mogadishu, our teleport brings services closer to the Consumers. Whether you are looking for primary, quick-response, restoration or back-up service, dalsat will help you connect. Ideal for government, Enterprise and NGOs, dalsat teleport Services are available for Month to month lease, long-term lease or even for occasional use basis.

Location : Dalsat Teleport is located at its Sub-marine landing Station facility at Aden Abdulle Airport, in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Orbital Arc : The Teleport can view Satellites from 105° East to 14° West Dalsat teleport offers satellite access via 6.5M Antenna on Intelsat-17. More Antennas on different Satellites will be brought on board soon.

Fibre Connectivity : Fibre connectivity through Dalsat Teleport include access to EASSy, EIG , WACs Fibre optic cables from the teleport are supported through redundant fibre rings.

Power infrastructure : Redundant 250KVA UPS System for critical systems, Two 250KVA generators with Automatic synchronization and two 250 KVA redundant

Facilities & Security : Fully climate controlled facility with 24X7 Controlled access. CCTV surveillance of entire compound and building. Manned security available on 24x7 basis.

Teleport services: 24x7 TT&C Control, 24x7 NOC Services, Hosting, Colocation, uplink and downlink Services MPLS, Ethernet, IPLC and IP Services Virtual Network Operator (VNO) Services Satellite IP platform: iDirect Engineering, network management and logistics services Design, installation, operations and management for ip networks

Network Configurations

Star ( hub& Spoke) networks

  • In a star network topology the hub connects to the remote, where all communications are passed back through the hub.

  • Virtually an unlimited number of remotes can be connected to the hub in this topology. Smaller, lower powered BUCs can be used at the remote end since they are only connecting back to the larger hub antenna.

Mesh network

  • mesh network topology allows one remote VSAT location to communicate with another remote location without routing through the hub. This type of connection minimizes delay and often is used for very high quality voice and video conferencing applications.

  • With this topology, larger antennas are required and more power is needed to transmit, thereby increasing cost.


  • A hybrid topology is a mix of star and mesh networking solutions. This topology allows the hub to send information to the remotes, with the remotes then able to communicate with other VSAT locations.

Point to Point Connectivity

  • Contrary to the networking topologies, a point-to-point topology involves a dedicated connection between two antennas.

  • This topology is a direct pipeline with a set bandwidth capacity regardless of usage and is typically designed with Single Carrier per Channel (SCPC) technology.

Satellite Footprint

Our Satellite Footprints covers the whole of Africa, middle east and Europe. This guarantees high quality broadband and connectivity services even in the remotest of locations. Our coverage helps media houses and broadcasters reach their global audience in one single uplink.

Broadcast & Media Platforms

Our broadcast and media platform employs a combination of Satellite, Internet and P2P international fibre connectivity to deliver best experience for our Consumer and Enterprise customers.

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